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How to make an Amazon affiliate review video super fast.

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Affiliate Video pro
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Here we use Vidicle to rapidly take info about a product from Amazon and generate a quick video to drive traffic from YouTube.

This is done using Vidicle Pro:

okay so let’s take a look at another way
you can use vehicle and that is to
quickly create affiliate review videos
now I will go on the record of saying I
do not work as an Amazon affiliate
myself which is kind of why I’ve picked
Amazon as an example because if I can do
this anyone can so here is a product on
Amazon and what I might try and do we
want to grab some images of the
treadmill because that work that can be
used in our review so we’ll save that
one we can have a start image an end
image and we could even use an image for
the background as we go through in the
actual review itself so you could decide
how many images of what you like I’m
happy just to put the one in there for
the time being so now what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna grab some information and
make a little review up now the probably
the easiest way of doing this is to grab
a bit of the sales blurb to begin with
it tells them a little bit about what
the product is so I’m just looking at
what’s written here so Kay it’s quite a
little bit there but on the warranty
product details
and that we’ve got some actual reviews
from people so
randomly choose its music track okay
right so we saved it as reviewed or mp4
let’s see what we’ve got
so you see we got our video there and we
can put a background image you look at
all the fancy stuff now here’s the real
good bit feel for this as well
we want to drive traffic to our Amazon
affiliate link this is my it’s not
really that somebody else’s Amazon
affiliate link because I’m not Amazon
affiliate but just demonstrates if you
have the pro version we’ve got the tube
optimizer and this will generate all of
the text that we need to put into
YouTube for maximum rankings so I’m just
gonna copy in some features again and
again I’m just taking this direct from
the Amazon website
listing what this is going to do is it’s
going to write all of the text and
generate tags and everything for YouTube
so when I upload this video I can just
copy and paste this straight into
YouTube so in actual fact let’s go over
to YouTube let’s grab my review video
and upload it and now you see I’ve got
the text boxes on here and I can just
copy straight from this the text has
been generated
and you notice that pause that for
second you notice it here that the top
two lines are made to fit in we got this
message click to see more so that and
there is our text which will be written
in such a way that it should rank nicely
when things get right obviously it will
take a few days for that to get ranked
and everything else but there we go so
that’s how to very quickly generate an
affiliate review video using vertical

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