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Affiliate Video Pro Update: Mobile Muted-Autoplay Now Added!

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well hello there and greetings to you it
is Matthew McDonald Here I am working at
the moment doing a bit of coding I’ve
just finished a new update for the
mobile edition for the mobile features
and the mobile support which is crazier
that’s actually why I’m making this
video you can now do some really cool
stuff with video marketing on mobiles
and one of the things I’m really excited
about here is the autoplay on a mute and
so that’s when somebody lands on your
webpage you can have a video that’s
already playing Auto playing without
them tapping on anything without
anything just with the sound off it’ll
have a mute notification there and they
can tap unmute and they can join in the
video so what I did today was with the
affiliate video Pro it’s having a
massive massive response so I’m putting
more time into it and I spent today
fixing up the mobile and making it super
awesome on the mobile phone so what I’ll
do here is I’ll actually show you this
screen if it comes through and it works
out and if we have a look at it here you
can see I’ve got an affiliate video Pro
embedded on this web post and basically
what I’m going to do is I’m going to
reload this page without clicking play
or anything and we’ll see what happens
so you can see the video is loading and
you can see that the mute is flashing
there so I can just tap the mute if with
this set up is that when I’m working on
my computer boot so I can just tap the
mute always and now I can hear items and
join the video and then when I like it I
can click and I need too much gonna be a
Buy Now button or get more info button
whatever you want to call it and the
video will pause automatically they stay
on your website it opens up a new window
and sends them to the offer page so that
is really cool and obviously with that
affiliate marketing you’ve really got to
be mobile conscious these days and make
sure you give them the absolute best
experience you can for people on a
mobile device
if you’ve got the affiliate video Pro
which came out yesterday and it is
selling like crazy you can just go ahead
and first of all you can update it I’ve
finished uploading the update and when
you pick your video so here I’ve got my
videos you can select it go to the setup
and down here under the video section
you’ve got autoplay when you have it on
autoplay it’ll be muted automatically so
you don’t have to worry about whether
that’s on or off so that’s it make sure
you try out the trimmer which is cool
you can trim your videos make sure you
check out the stats and everything else
you’ve got going on and know-how though
how those videos are engaging so that’s
it for this one Matthew McDonald here
the real video guy and thanks for tuning
in if you don’t have the affiliate video
Pro make sure you pick it up before the
early bird flies away and if you have it
go ahead and update it you’ll appreciate
the new way better support for mobile
device and also when you turn it rotate
it portrait canvas it’s going to
readjust so that player always looks
great that’s it Cheers

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