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Affiliate Ninja Pro Review – Affiliate Ninja Pro Sneek Peak

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Affiliate Ninja Pro Review – Affiliate Ninja Pro Sneek Peak :


Hi guys Dave from and in this brief video, I want to give you a sneak peek into Affiliate Ninja Pro that goes live on April 11th..

I will be doing a full review on this on my blog and the link for that is in the description of this video if you want to check that out..

So here we are inside the dashboard and everything you access is down on the left handside here..and im going to go throuhg these in turn..

so you got products, funnels, get traffic, reports, library, training and bonuses..

Just to be clear, the dashboard isn’t fully finished so there’s going to be some stuff not added yet but the main target of this video is to give you an early bird peek..

the first thing you need to do when you log in is to create a sub domain..this is where all your campaigns are going to be careful with your subsomain selection because im sure that at this stage you can only have one..i’ll need to check this out..

there are other things that you will need in place and so I’ll just show you what those are..

Ok so lets look at each of these sections starting with products..

The products are a bunch of offers that you can apply to promote on various you can see that all these products are on jvzoo but other products on other networks are going to be added..

All you do here is click on the request button and apply for your affiliate link for the product you want to create a campaign for.. once you have your link, you create a campaign.

Funnels..this is where you will be creating a funnel to add your campaign..i’ll just do a quick run through so you can see how this works..

Reports is pretty self you get all the stats on your campaigns and how they are doing etc..

The library is going to contain all the images that you upload for your campaigns..

and then you go all the training which is through either video or you can download pdf files which explain the each of these sections..

Ok guys, that’s it for this sneak peek video..Once it’s fully up and running I’ll be doing a full live campaign run video and setting it all up etc..if you want in on that, hit the subcribe button to get notifications when that video is can check out the rveiew on the blog too if you wanna do that..all links in the description below this video..I will be putting together a bonus package for this launch and all details will be on the blog and in the next video..

so that’s it for now, thanks for watching and hope to see you guys soon..


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[Music] hi guys Dave here from Dave in reviews
calm and I just wanted to bring you this
quick video well it’s more of a sneak
peek into a new product called affiliate
ninja Pro which is gonna be going live
on the 11th of April I will be doing a
full review on this on my blog and the
link for that is going to be below this
video if you want to check that out so
here we are inside the members area and
the first thing you want to do I’ll just
go through each of these in turn but the
first thing you asked to do is to create
a subdomain when you first log in okay
so once you’ve got your sub demand it’s
gonna look something like this okay and
then you’re ready to get started
right so one of the first things you
need to do is you need to set up your
social media accounts and your
autoresponder so you’re going to get a
Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn
Tumblr Pinterest and read it okay and
then your
autoresponder details all going there
so once yourself all those accounts I’ve
done that one already your business
setting is you can to change your
subdomain if you want to change that
and I’m not going to go to these course
I don’t need to of this time anywhere so
I’m just gonna go and through each one
of these sections and basically this is
where all your products are going to be
hosted and these are all on different
networks at the moment it’s not fully
uploaded so there’s gonna be more
networks added and more products for all
these a jvzoo and you can have jellies
share clickbank and whatever else the
bottom there and all you do to you just
pick a product hit the request that’ll
take it to jvzoo you just cost your link
and that’s done once you put your link
you’re gonna create a funnel and you
just add that in yeah you feel that
linking your product name what network
is all of glob LA and that’s gonna take
you to your the rest of the funnel which
is going to
take it to your
you file to tell you I’m just gonna
give it a quick
just could type anything it
it’s probably not going to let me to do
that now I click all the full names from
make something up
but we’re gonna come back you valid but
anywhere and what happens then is you
choose a template a landing page
template I don’t know if we get your
autoresponder is gonna be in there and
you can edit that template so once you
picked a template something to let me do
it but I was gonna show you cuz I’m not
putting any details and I’m gonna wait
for it to be fully uploaded this and
once I’ve doing that you can publish you
can edit this template to our view home
and then you hit publish as obviously
there’s no autoresponder set I will sit
bro what so it’s not gonna let me do
with that but that’s what you need to do
so do you want to make changes so what
I’m just gonna go back
so we’re going to the gate traffic so
the social share once you’ve created
your added your accounts this is we’re
going to go to create a social share
then you’re going to give it a name
products that you’re promoting how many
times you wanted to go on a big post you
wanna post blah blah the date when you
wanted to start with it to end
you’re gonna pick a platform and even a
preview and even you’re done libraries
where all the images that you upload are
gonna be in there this is the training
you’ve got video training and also
you’re gonna have PDF downloads as well
which courses all those so that’s just a
quick brief looking to this affiliate
ninja Pro gaseous it goes live on the
11th of April and I’ll will be doing a
full review wants to get everything set
up and everything’s in place once just
follow up and running I’ll be doing a
full life campaign wrong video you know
such an although and running out live
campaign so if you’re in on that if that
subscribe button and get notifications
ready for when that videos uploaded and
as I said you can check out my review on
my blog too if you want to do that all
the links are gonna be in the
description below and also a bit put
together a bonus package a face launch
and that details of that are going to be
on my next video so that’s it for now
guys with affiliate
kuroh sneak preview so thanks for
watching guys and I’ll catch you later